2019 plan

Welcome to 2019 – it’s great to be here!

Welcome to 2019.

The last few years I’ve been fortunate to sit with a dear (and sometimes needed unreasonable) friend to throw about ideas of how we are looking to shape the year ahead. I love a good plan,  a blank slate and the idea of new beginnings.  The start of a New Year is always exciting, full of opportunity to write your own story. I like to kick off with a quick recap of where I started this time last year, helps to remind me of what felt like a big scary goal (or two) is actually completely possible.  Whilst I like the idea of setting a goal, breaking it down and working towards that, today’s session was different.

2019 feels like the year of feeling, rather than doing.  When I really looked the list of ‘things’ I wanted to feel in 2019 I settled happily at the simplicity of these few keys areas:

  • Connected: more time with new & encouraging people
  • Healthy:  quality fuel and movement for my body
  • Serving: Opportunity to give back, volunteer, contribute
  • Optimistic: Something to look forward to
  • Excited: An adventure that scares me a little!

Once I had finished my little list I set it to one side and started to focus on a few tasks around TOOMOO 2019.  It didn’t take long to realise that my little list is completely compatible with all that TOOMOO represents each and every year to those who participate.

2019 start

I hope your list of doing and feeling for 2019 has you feeling excited, a little scared and you are ready to take hold of the New Year with gusto.

I’m looking forward to seeing the surge in registrations this time of year as our many return TOOMOOers get focussed again on their goals and their enthusiasm is contagious enough to invite their cycling friends along for the ride too.

May the Fourth be with you in 2019.

Rachael Witton

Event Director




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