register-toomoo-charity-ride-queenslandTOO MOO 220 Elevation


Saturday 29th August 2020

The TOOMOO is certainly not a race; it’s a non drop ride in the traditional sense however, at 220 kilometres and 2,000 meters of elevation gain the TOOMOO is designed to take you out of your comfort zone and test you.

220k is a long haul in anybody’s language, consequently we suggest you prepare and test yourself well prior; at the very least you should have a 150k ride under your belt this year.


Like most crazy ideas the TOOMOO was hatched out of a ” wouldn’t it be great if ” moment, while riding yet another loop ride, founder Dave Fellows  wanted to set himself the challenge of completing a big ride and figured, like a horse, he would only maintain momentum if he was headed for home.

Much discussion ensued, the resulting enthusiasm for the concept has seen it grow from a couple of nutters planning to catch the train up and ride back; into it’s current incarnation. Over the years the ride has contributed significantly to a number of local charities.


Getting things sorted to support such an endeavour does unfortunately cost, our sponsors are covering the greater burden however there will be a requirement that you contribute toward the day, to be paid on registration.

Total Entry Costs this year is $330

This is to cover:

  • Planning scheming and cajoling
  • Getting you and your gear to Toowoomba
  • Bringing your gear back to Mooloolaba
  • Breakfast on the morning of the ride
  • Lunch at Somerset Dam
  • Refuelling stops with fruit and electrolytes
  • Sag wagon Support
  • Mechanical Support
  • A light BBQ and refreshments at Mooloolaba
  • $50 donation to a charity you can choose from our preferred partner charities

Limited Numbers

Last year was such a success that we are kicking the door wide open initially, we will nominate a cap in due course though.

Please like our TOOMOO 220 page on Facebook we will post regular updates and notifications etc. on this page.

We also have a Strava Group please feel free to join.

Logistics & Transport

We will arrange transport for you, your gear and your bike From Mooloolaba to Toowoomba.

In due course you will be notified of the drop off location and timings to be sure everything gets in the truck and you get on the bus.

Of course you are welcome to find your own way to Toowoomba and to carpool if you want, remember you will need someone to get your car home unless you plan on riding back up for it the next day.

We are looking for some volunteers to assist en-route so keep that in mind, check out the page for more information and to register as a volunteer.


Accommodation in Toowoomba on Friday 15th May will be your individual responsibility there is a great range of options including some of the best B&B’s in the state.

For more information on our preferred accommodation providers both in Toowoomba and Mooloolaba check out the link page

You’ll need to tell them you are with TOOMOO to get the discounted rates.

Toowoomba Regional Council Visitor Information Centre

Toowoomba has lots of regular events and accommodation books out fast so get in quick.

Pre Ride Dinner Friday 28th August 2020

Join us for a pre-ride briefing, get to know one another and a few laughs at the Pre-Ride Dinner at The Spotted Cow, located at 296 Ruthven St, Toowoomba from 6:30pm.  Dinner reservations are made when you register for TOOMOO.  You can bring your support crew to dinner also, please be sure to note any extras when you register.  Dinner is at your own expense, meals are great and plenty of options for everyone.

Ride Date:  Saturday 29th August 2020

Weather in Toowoomba at this time of year, cool to cold, morning temps may be as low as 4 deg but can be lower.

Sunrise in Toowoomba is 6:20

Sunset in Mooloolaba is 5:20

Gives us 11 hours of daylight.


The Lions Club will be serving up a hearty breakfast from 5am at Newtown Hall.

Roll Away

6am sharp,  we follow the New England Hwy North out of town as a group; supported by vehicles with flashing lights and safety signage.

The ride takes us from the top of the Great Dividing Range at 600m to a maximum elevation of 730m a quick dive down into Ravensbourne National Park for some stunning scenery and some early and testing climbs to wake up the legs, before a very rewarding 30 kilometre descent into Esk.

From Esk it’s a cruise to a well-earned and early lunch at Somerset Dam before skirting the scenic shoreline to Kilcoy and on to Woodford via some peaceful country back roads with more cows than cars.

Towns like Esk, Kilcoy, and Woodford will provide you with the opportunity to take a short break and restock with nutrition and hydration for the next leg.

From Woodford we wind our way again on quiet country lanes to Peachester, from there you’ll almost be able to smell the sea and the finish line at  Mooloolaba with a view to die for.

Our experience shows  everyone will complete the ride in under 10 hours, if there are any issues along the way there is a sag wagon for you and your bike.

The Finish

Mooloolaba Beach with a BBQ and some well earned refreshments

Your gear will be available from the support vehicles at the finish.

Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook

We look forward to you joining us on the 2020 TOOMOO 220