Rachael Witton promoted from enthusiastic cow to Event Director

Hello TOOMOOers

As some of you would have seen recently over on the TOOMOO 220 Facebook page,  Dave Fellows has decided he will finally be riding the TOOMOO in 2018.  In order to make this happen I have stepped in as Event Director,  a big promotion from that of enthusiastic cow each year since TOOMOO began and I couldn’t be happier!

I was introduced by a friend to TOOMOO when it was just an idea and Dave needed a volunteer or two to keep things moooving (love a good cow joke!).  Recognising that I was an average cyclist the ride was beyond my experience however I love to encourage others and the vibe of TOOMOO is infectious!  After being a volunteer for TOOMOO for a number of years now, together with my varied event experience, I feel confident of another successful ride for everyone to enjoy.  I’m honoured my friend Dave has entrusted me to do what he would normally be doing so he can have the thrill of the ride he has shared with so many others.

DAve Rach

I do hope you will join us on Saturday May 5th 2018 ,  registrations will open very soon and I’ll be sure to let you know when you can push that button.

Rest assured all that you love about TOOMOO remains the same,  you just shouldn’t mess with a good thing!

Any queries at all please feel free to contact me on 0413 436 985.