TOOMOO is more than a ride.  It is a family of passionate individuals who share a common interest for cycling with a want to give back to their community.  This has been true from the very humble beginnings when a bunch of friends set off on the first TOOMOO in 2014.  Each year the reputation of the event grew and once all costs were covered the net proceeds from registrations were donated to local charity groups across the Sunshine Coast.  Cyclists are generous with their support both financially and physically, many have formed lasting relationships with the various charity partners over the years and the impact has been significant for all.

In 2020 we are running the charity aspect a little differently.  $50 from every registration will be donated to one of our preferred partner charities, you get to decide which charity upon completing your registration, if you simply can’t decide from the 3 chosen charities this year you are welcome to split the $50 across each!  You will get to meet and greet the hearts and humans behind these amazing organisations at the event launch in March,  at the pre-ride dinner and at the finish line, it’s important you have access to these organisations to understand more about why they have been chosen.  Their effectiveness and importance in our community is clear to us and hopefully it will be to you also as you learn more when they are featured in our various communications.

In future years TOOMOO will take suggestions from our cycling community as to which charities you would like to see featured to receive both awareness of their cause and important fundraising.  There will be an opportunity for cyclists this year to raise funds in a peer to peer platform and more will be shared about this directly with those who register,  there will be no hard push of ‘please raise $X to participate’ as a minimum,  it will be an easy way for you to circulate a simple platform amongst your network who would like to encourage your TOOMOO effort with some valuable dollars for great, effective, local causes.  Naturally there will be a few incentives for those who choose to fundraise through the platform and more will be shared about that in the coming weeks.


Daniel Morcombe Foundation

DMF logo

The Daniel Morcombe Foundation provides personal safety education to children and young people to prevent abuse and promote lifelong health and wellbeing. The Foundation supports educators, parents and carers through the provision of resources and education and also directly support young victims of crime.

On behalf of the entire Morcombe family, we thank everyone who has contributed to establishing the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and especially for never forgetting Daniel. Please support Daniel’s legacy in Keeping Kids Safe through the initiatives of the Daniel Morcombe Foundation.


trek 2 health logo

An organisation founded with the single-minded objective to provide ongoing support to First Responders to Emergency Services personal such as firefighters, EMTs, and police officers in our communities. We hope to develop meaningful programs, resources and assistance to address specific needs related to AFR Veterans, First Responders and their families, including but not limited to post-traumatic stress treatment, critical incident support, outreach and community engagement.

Connect Community + Kids

connect community plus kids logo

The social and economic cost of disadvantage for kids is significant.  At Connect Community + Kids we believe the most effective way to alleviate this disadvantage for vulnerable kids is through large scale mentoring to create a healthier and more vibrant society.  The organisation is always seeking mentors for children, just a handful of hours each fortnight makes a significant difference to a young person.



TOOMOO beneficiaries